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Indianapolis-based photography and film team. Our approach is simple and refined, all we want is to beautifully document love in its many forms.


I believe that our lives are made up of tiny, beautiful, and fleeting moments. My passion is capturing those moments and making them last forever in photographs.

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Marc & Amy | Country Engagement | Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Stevi Waggoner


Gosh do I love this sun-drenched engagement session. Marc & Amy are two peas in a pod. They love to spend time outdoors, whether it's in their garden (they sell produce at a local farmer's market!)  or just hanging out on their front porch on a warm evening. Amy is a beauty inside and out. I dare you not to crush on her when you see her smile and crinkle up her adorable nose. Marc is a wildcard. He's a man of few words (at least during this session), but he will surprise you with his sense of adventure (there's proof in this post). I had such fun stomping around the woods and fields capturing these two.


Skylar & Adrienne | Engaged | Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Stevi Waggoner


One word comes to mind immediately when I think about this engagement session: FUN. So much silliness and so many jokes. These two, they just get each other. We started the session at Holcomb Gardens on Butler's campus, then headed to White River State Park to take advantage of the river and the warm sunset light, from there we went downtown to the circle. I'm crazy about Adrienne's black dress/emerald jewelry combination. And how about Skylar carrying her shoes when her feet got tired? The cutest.