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Indianapolis-based photography and film team. Our approach is simple and refined, all we want is to beautifully document love in its many forms.


I believe that our lives are made up of tiny, beautiful, and fleeting moments. My passion is capturing those moments and making them last forever in photographs.

Davey & Kaylee's Elegant Catholic Wedding

Stevi Waggoner


I adore this couple. Kaylee is calm, thoughtful, and super fun-loving. Davey is exuberant, quick-witted, and full of charm. I don't think I've ever met two people that are such a great balance for each other.  Together they are a perfect match and we were so honored to have captured their wedding.

When I arrived at Kaylee's parents' house to capture her getting ready, I was stunned by the huge picture window and the dreamy autumn light pouring through it. Take note, future brides! The more light in your getting ready room, the better! Keep a look out for Kaylee's dad seeing her for the first time. He held his arms out wide because he was nervous he'd "mess her up" with  a hug. So sweet.

Kaylee was a vision of grace in her wedding gown. Such a loveliness that I couldn't do it justice with words.  They waited to see each other until the ceremony, and the look on Davey's face when he saw her coming down the aisle had me in tears. He didn't cry, he was just so completely happy. You can see the deep appreciation he has for her. 

The black & white photo of D & K just after the walk back down the aisle from the ceremony is LOVE. This is why we ask for 10 minutes immediately after the ceremony with the bride and groom. So much joy in those moments! We'd never want to miss that. Of course, the reception decor was amazing. I felt like I was photographing an Anthropologie ad. The toasts were so sincere and heartwarming, and don't even get me started on the parent dances. The entire day was pure bliss and we are so happy to share it with you.



Davey & Kaylee were married at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Indianapolis with a reception at The Sactuary on Penn.