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Indianapolis-based photography and film team. Our approach is simple and refined, all we want is to beautifully document love in its many forms.


I believe that our lives are made up of tiny, beautiful, and fleeting moments. My passion is capturing those moments and making them last forever in photographs.

Joseph & Stacie | San Pedro, California Wedding

Stevi Waggoner


It's been far too long since we added an entry. I think the perfect way to break the silence is to share my favorite images of Joe and Stacie on their wedding day. We traveled to California mid-summer to capture this one. Joe is stationed in southern California with the Coast Guard. Stacie grew up there and is studying to become a marine biologist. She is amazing. See, this wedding was extra special for us because Joe is one of Andrew's oldest friends, and we fell in love Stacie (probably about as fast as Joe did) when he brought her back home to Indiana for a visit last year. I don't even have to tell you, because it's so obvious, but they are crazy in love. I watch these two together and all I can think is, soul mates.