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Indianapolis-based photography and film team. Our approach is simple and refined, all we want is to beautifully document love in its many forms.



About Me

Hello! My name is Stevi Waggoner and I am the photographer behind Honey & Salt. I am a hopeless romantic and I am extremely passionate about capturing the beauty of this world. I studied art at both Ball State University and Herron School of Art + Design and have been shooting weddings since 2008. Outside of photography I get really excited about gardening, food & wine, and design of all kinds.

My Photography Philosophy

My love of photography started when I was about 13 years old, when my parents got me a 35mm film camera for Christmas. I remember the joy of getting back my first roll of developed film like it was yesterday. From that moment I was hooked. Over time and with practice, I began to see that most beautiful moments in life are also the most fleeting. As I grew up and my passion for photography grew and grew, I realized that it's not just about being there to capture a scene, but it's about bringing an artful touch to each photograph to really enhance it. I love photographing in nature and prefer natural light to artificial.

What does Honey & Salt Mean?

I named this business after a beautiful poem about love by Carl Sandburg titled Honey & Salt. It's about how love is grand and romantic, but also about paying rent and grocery shopping. A favorite passage of mine is:

Is the key to love in passion, knowledge, affection?
All three--along with moonlight, roses, groceries,
givings and forgivings, gettings and forgettings,
keepsakes and room rent,
pearls of memory along with ham and eggs.

I love this poem because I believe all those seemingly insignificant moments are what make sharing your life with someone the greatest adventure.